fly away with me

did you lose yourself too?

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  • "I just don’t understand
    how my sadness could
    take everything away
    from me
    and now i’m trying to fix
    things with poetry so I
    make sense
    i’m so confused, i don’t know
    who i am anymore
    all I know is I was your
    somebody and now i’m nothing
    but a mind filled with
    dark thoughts and messy
    I don’t want to get hurt anymore
    I can’t think about love
    without thinking of you"
    this was written in my diary the other night when I couldn’t think straight (via weakflowers)
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  • Writing about writing.


    I don’t love
    to write,

    I just love.

    The writing
    comes after.

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  • "I’ll be your deep breath,
    I’ll be your simple relief,
    I’ll be home to you."
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  • chartini:

    In dutch you don’t say “I love you”, you say “godver mijn klote fiets is alweer gejat” which is like “our hearts will be together forever, even when we’re apart”, I love that. Such a beautiful language. 

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